Driven to create, inspired to spark change

Meet the women and girls who are driven to think big, take risks, and create. They take on challenges, from the everyday to the epic, sparking meaningful change for all.

From creating housing for the homeless to bridging cultural divides through language to starting a business that disrupts the cycle of gang violence, these visionaries show that tackling even the most complex challenges starts with a taking a single action. Here are their stories.

Alianna Hines, holding a pink tape measure.

Alianna empowers kids to dream big and take action

Alianna Hines has an unusual resume—entrepreneur, author, and fourth grader. She’s the CEO and founder of Jr Flips, a kid-run company that takes distressed properties and transforms them into beautifully renovated single-family homes for homeless and low-income families in the Washington, DC area.

When she’s not reading, playing basketball, keeping up with school work, or flipping houses, Alianna writes books to inspire other kids to pursue their dreams, too. In 2018, Alianna released two books, 25 Businesses Kids Can Start for Under $500 and Becoming a Kid Entrepreneur.

From getting business advice from Oprah to being featured in Forbes, Ebony, and on Steve Harvey, Alianna dedicates her time to sharing her belief that kids have something valuable to offer the world. She encourages them to be bold, creative, and uniquely themselves.

Don’t be the next me. Be the first you.

- Alianna Hines, author and CEO, Jr Flips

The surest way to gain a deep understanding of Chinese culture—of any culture, really—is through language.

- ShaoLan, entrepreneur and founder, Chineasy

I want to create something really grassroots, really community-based, where young people will be the agents of change in their community.

- Ariela Suster, Founder & Creative Director, Sequence
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